Adult Fitness

The features that make our pools so great for teaching kids also provide an extraordinary environment for adults to exercise in. Whether rehabbing an injury, exercising an arthritic body or simply trying to shed some extra pounds, you’ll love our facility. Our 90° air and water, the easy access steps and our specially trained instructors have earned KIDS FIRST® the applause of the adult community.

“I have had Osteoarthritis and could hardly walk until I came to KIDS FIRST®. Since I started, I have lost 30 pounds and have dropped almost all my medications. My mind is more alert. My doctor is proud of me because my blood pressure is so much lower!” Marge Foor, age 57.

“Two years ago I weighed 200lbs., my blood pressure was 180/110, my cholesterol 261 and my diabetes out of control. I was on large doses of medication. My doctor gave me the choice to lose 50lbs. or go on an insulin needle. I started Water Aerobics three days per week. Today, I am 40lbs. lighter, my blood pressure 124/79, my cholesterol 196, my blood sugar under control, my medications almost eliminated and my body toned! The best part is that I feel GREAT! I have much more energy and am able to enjoy things in life that I was too tired to do before. And as an extra added plus, I enjoy the camaraderie I share with the instructors and the other adults in the class. I look forward to my visits to KIDS FIRST® Swim School” Joyce Kelly, age 66

KIDS FIRST® has designed two very different programs for our adults:


Adult Swim Lessons (Over 18 years old)

Either private or group lessons are available for those adult swimmers that wish to either learn from scratch or perfect current skills. This program is offered at selected sites. Classes are held once a week for six weeks. Adults learn much faster than kids… for a small investment, you could be swimming this summer!


Water Aerobics

We also are thinking about you older kids! Come exercise and stay healthy in the comfort of our warm water pool, as our expert instructors lead you through a heart-healthy 45 minute exercise session. Classes meet 2-3 times each week.


Warm Water Therapy

Warm Water Therapy is a no-impact exercise program cosponsored by the American Arthritis Foundation. Our specially trained instructors lead the class through a 45 minute routine involving bending, stretching and manipulation. This course is great for rehabbing an injury or exercising your arthritic bones! Classes are held several mornings and several evenings each week. Monthly members can attend as often as they’d like.