Tips for Parents

  1. Plan to be early for class. Each lesson provides your child with a very valuable half hour learning experience. Why miss a minute of it??? Plan to be ten to fifteen minutes early.
  2. Be patient. Understand that the learning process is not always one of steady progress. Don’t overreact to setbacks and don’t judge your child’s development by one day’s results. With children, some days are better than others. Over a six week session you will see progress.
  3. Challenge your child to reach their full potential. Kids usually perform to our expectations. Set them high and don’t be surprised when they exceed them!!
  4. Get involved in your child’s swimming education. Understand what they are working on. Provide practice time (during the winter months use our family swims) and help them develop their skills. Show your pleasure with their development. The greatest motivator for any child is the approval of Mom & Dad! Talk regularly with your child’s instructor or with the KIDS FIRST’s management. If there is something that you don’t feel is right…or something you don’t understand….talk to us. We are as committed to your child’s education as you are.
  5. Stay with swimming instruction year round. You wouldn’t enroll you child in six weeks of piano lessons and consider it complete. Nor, should you take this commitment lightly. Stay with the instruction and give your child a lifetime of swimming enjoyment.