1. What happens if my child doesn’t like it?
    Swimming, like many activities, might generate anxieties with children. These anxieties may be most evident on the first day of lessons. As each week progresses these anxieties will be less and less evident. That’s why we schedule six week sessions. Time and familiarity eases the anxiety. You can help your child through this period by bringing them to Family Swims. The opportunity to use the pool on “their terms” often helps. Play can be a great teaching aid. Stick with it, Mom & Dad, this is a skill for life that you are giving your child.
  2. What is your makeup policy?
    Mommy & Me classes can be made-up at any regularly scheduled class within your current session. One private lesson each session can be made-up by arrangement with the instructor. We do not offer makeups for group or semi-private lessons. Instead, we offer a pass to Family Swim. The extra two hours of water time the child receives can be of great value.
  3. How do I know when my child is ready to move to the next level?
    Talk to your instructor or talk to the manager. They are constantly assessing the kids. Don’t rush it. Each level builds upon your child’s ability to master the prior level. A child rushed through our program will never be as good as the child that takes the time to master each skill. Parents please remember that the journey from blowing bubbles (level 1) to swimming 50 yards (level 8) takes several years. How long did it take you? Therefore, it is impractical to expect your child to master each skill level the first time they attempt it. Please be patient and supportive with your child! This is a skill that will last your child a lifetime.
  4. Inclement weather?
    Call the school. We are open from 9AM to 8:30PM daily. As weather conditions change throughout the day, we are continuously assessing the situation for the safety of our students and employees.
  5. Why no refunds?
    Our classes are limited to five students. Once we sell a spot in one of our classes to you, we cannot sell it to another. Our Birthday Splashes are limited in number. Once we sell a spot to you, we cannot sell it to another. When you register for one of our programs only you can assess whether you might have a potential conflict on the horizon. KIDS FIRST cannot assume that risk for you. We do not offer refunds, but under certain circumstances, we will offer credits.
  6. Are your pools clean?
    Few Broadway stages are as well lit as KIDS FIRST pools… think about it. Every particle of dirt is easily seen. We work hard to keep our pools as clean as we can, but with the bather loads we carry they will show some wear under the “bright lights”. You need to know that we maintain chlorine levels (our sanitizer) of 5.0 ppm well above the State and County requirements of 2.0 ppm. These are very safe and clean pools.
  7. Can I have a certain instructor?
    We understand the unique bond between teacher and student and we try to accommodate all requests. Private lessons get first priority. Semi-private next. Request for certain instructors for Group lessons are handled on a next come, next served basis.