About Us

The KIDS FIRST Swim Schools are the world’s largest provider of children’s swimming instruction, operating 20 locations across 5 states, teaching over 150,000 students annually.

We are dedicated to teaching kids to be safe and proficient in the water. We have built America’s finest specialty designed training pools. Maintained at 90 degrees with depths ranging from 2 to 5 feet, both our instructors and students find this the perfect environment to learn. Shivering and goosebumps, often a major deterrent to the learning process, are outlawed at the KIDS FIRST Swim Schools!! Expert instructors, a trademarked curriculum and a kid-friendly environment enhance your child’s learning experience.

A wide variety of programs ensure that there is one just right for your child and your wallet. The popular Mommy (or Daddy) & Me program offers you and your toddler or infant a chance to bond in the comfort of our 90° pool while developing the primary skills of buoyancy, propulsion and breath control. It’s irresponsible to teach a child to enjoy the water, without giving them these important life saving skills

Personal Instruction begins as early as 2 years old. These one-on-one sessions often lead to a unique bond between swimmer and instructor that we believe accelerates the learning process. It’s common to see 2 year olds swimming all over our pools! Group Lessons in a small controlled environment begin at 3 years old. In both of these programs, a trademarked curriculum is observed and achieved at a rate that is just right for your child.

At the more advanced level, Developmental Swim Team is taught by instructors using a system that has molded High School Champions and College All Americans. Other popular programs include our Homeschoolers, Water Aerobics and Warm Water Therapy for Adults, Family Swim Nights and Weekend Birthday Splashes. We even offer Adult Lessons for those of you that never learned to swim well. All our programs are offered during convenient six week sessions (select locations operate on monthly schedules). Pick the day, the night, the time that works for your family and we probably have a program just right for you! Don’t put it off. Talk to our Business Associates and register today!