Weekends are for parties…birthday parties, that is! Beginning on Friday nights and continuing through Sunday evening, the KIDS FIRST pools are available for your child’s special event.

Friday night parties are available at SELECT locations – please contact your local KFSS for availability.

These two hour long parties begin with an hour private splash in the pool. Here, Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, family and friends are invited to join in the fun. At a balmy 90 degrees and a very comfortable 55% humidity, you can be assured that weather will be perfect for your guests.

Following your hour in the pool, your group will move into and enjoy the privacy of one of our large party rooms. You can decorate the room as you wish, and bring in any refreshments that you like. Most of our locations have negotiated discounts with local pizzerias so that you can enjoy the purchasing power that we receive when we do dozens of these parties each weekend. Games and gift giving complete your child’s special day, and parents… just think… no clean up!

Talk to our staff about this special offer. Contact your local school for details!

Please Note: Adults are invited to join in the fun and are required to accompany children in the pool if they are under the age of five (5) or if they are any age but not “water safe”. If you have any questions about this policy or whether your child will be considered water safe, please contact your local KIDS FIRST directly.