KIDS FIRST Swim Schools – Everywhere we look we find water

H2O. We drink it. We bathe in it. We boat on it. Nearly two thirds of the earth is covered by it. Everywhere we look we find water. Darwin told us that all life came from the oceans. Modern day science tells us that nearly 70% of the human body is good old H2O. It’s a fact that every one of us spent the months just before our births in an aquatic environment. With a slap from the doctor’s hand we had to be taught to live outside our comfortable environs. And yet, every year thousands of accidents and hundreds of drownings occur in and around the water.

At KIDS FIRST Swim Schools we are dedicated to teaching kids to develop their natural instincts and to be safe and proficient in the water. We have built America’s finest specialty pools to accomplish this objective. Maintained at 90 degrees with depths ranging from 2 to 5 feet, both our instructors and our students find this the perfect environment to learn in. Shivering and goosebumps, which are often a major deterrent to the learning process, are outlawed at the Kids First Swim Schools! Expert instructors, our trademarked Kids First / Kick First – Learn to Swim System™,the latest learning aids, and plenty of stimulating artwork enhance your child’s learning experience.

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