Why Should I Choose KIDS FIRST for My Family?

With the increasing amount of swim lesson providers in many of our markets, a common question parents ask us is why should they choose KIDS FIRST Swim Schools for their children’s swimming instruction?

  • The most important reason is OUR CURRICULUM! Our curriculum is trademarked through the Library of Congress and completely unique! We developed it with the help of national swim coaches and it truly teaches children to swim the right way from the very beginning! We are the only swim program in the world that teaches a child 1:6 timing from the start! Stay tuned for another blog post coming soon about the importance of 1:6 timing.
  • Caring We are proud to be a family owned and operated company and we believe in treating all of our customers like they are a part of the family! We truly care about the children we teach and strive to give every child the best possible experience learning to swim.
  • Affordability We try our best to make our tuition rates affordable for every family and we offer great multi-session and military discounts to help make our lessons even more affordable for all family sizes!
  • Specialty Pools Built for Teaching All of our pools start out at only 2 feet deep and are continuously maintained at 90 degrees year-round to ensure even our smallest swimmers stay warm and can touch the bottom of the pool while learning! We also have learning benches built into our pools that allow our Level 1 and 2 swimmers to stay IN the water and continue practicing skills while our teachers work with each student individually.
  • Everyone is Welcome! We pride ourselves on offering programs for children as young as 3 months all the way up to adults and seniors! Between private lessons, adult classes, parent and child lessons and developmental swim team, we know we can find a program to suit your needs, whatever they may be!
  • Flexibility When you sign up at KIDS FIRST Swim Schools, you are only committing to 6 classes, and you can choose any day of the week that works for you! We don’t have contracts or automatic payments, and we allow our customers to take breaks whenever life gets too busy! We even offer great discounts for buying multiple sessions upfront but don’t require them to be used consecutively!

Thank you for choosing KIDS FIRST Swim Schools! We hope you have a great experience learning to swim with us!

Kiersten Schwendeman – Director of Training and Development

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